Twillingate’s Polar Bear (irene bridger)

In March 20 excitement hit the town
never before had anyone see strange things wandering round
there’s not many critters on the Isle of Twillingate,
didn't know we'd make the news
Some thought we’d met our fate.

The Elliott’s were settling, to watch the evening news.
Harv’s wife had cleaned the dishes, a meal of fish and bruise.
When looking out the window,He couldn't believe his eyes
“Come here my dear and have a look,A Polar bear passed by”.
Oh, you’ll never know
What you’ll see in our small time
Just take your time, have a look around
This is one story , I would like to share
About a cold winters night
And Twillingate’s Polar Bear

Stirring at her husband,not knowing what to think.
wondering what he was smoking, or if he had a drink.
Gawking out the window,she felt a streak fear.
A little dog was barking at the polar bear.

News spread rapidly, it does all small towns
bumper to bumper traffic, was soon all around.
don't know who was more scared,the people or the bear,
The fisheries they got involved ,They had to set a sneer.


Afraid the bear might come to close, dicussion was made
They'd have to take the bear down,the rifle was their aid
No tranquilizers available ,there was no other choice
The peoples safety was put first,This was the best advice.

Now if you're wondering ,if this story’s true
Go to Durrell’s Museum, You can take a view
It's one of our attractions, A beauty is so rear
tourist from all over the world, seen Twillingate’s Polar bear